MROP 2019: Scholarship Application Form

ILLUMAN DC strongly encourages applicants to seek financial assistance first from their place of ministry, their local faith community, or other funding sources available to the applicant. We would like to make this event available to all men regardless of their financial situation, but funds for assistance through ILLUMAN DC are limited and are used to offset registration fees only, not transportation expenses.

Use this form as well if you are requesting a special payment plan.


  • This application should be filled out only after you have received notification you have been accepted as an initiate for the MROP.

  • Except in unusual circumstances, the maximum scholarship amount is $150.

  • The MROP Registrar will contact you by August 1, 2019 to let you know if assistance will be available.

If you are unable or uncomfortable with completing your scholarship application online, you may download the application and mail it to the MROP Registrar.

MROP 2019: Scholarship Donations

All MROP applicants (Initiates, Initiators, and Returning Initiated Men) will receive information in their personal Registration Packets on making tax-deductible donations to the Scholarship Fund. Donations will make it possible for more men to participate in the MROP.

Please answer the following questions to assist our process.

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Please answer the following questions to assist our process.