Virtual Council

A hunting party
Sometimes has a greater chance
Of flushing love and God
Out into the open
Than a warrior
All alone
— Hafiz

Bring your pain, strength, power, weakness, glory, blessings or whatever else it is that you are to address at this moment in life. Council is a place for you to tackle life head on, as awake and honest to what is your reality as you dare. It is also a place to practice a radical form of listening to others and to the Spirit.

Our form of council is a communal contemplative practice where we do our inner work in a group. It isn’t a discussion group; it isn’t a place to debate ideas; it isn’t a place to get or give answers or advice; it isn’t a place to be held accountable by others. Council is a place uncommon to the rest of life where you are invited to put down the mantel(s) you carry, where you put down your many identities and roles you play, reconnect to Life itself, and sink deeper into your true self, using a variety of practices that have stood the test of time and come to us from wisdom traditions around the world. A large part of this practice is telling our own stories.

Illuman understands the Way of Council as a communal contemplative practice. It affirms the importance of listening and speaking from the heart within a circle of men, but it also recognizes the circle as being more than the sum of its parts. Illuman wants to be open to the mystery of the Spirit that arises within the wisdom and discernment of the Council. It recognizes that we run out of words in the presence of something larger than ourselves. This necessarily widens the circumference of the circle of men, extending our vision to a wider community to which we also have to listen.

At Soularize 2016, Jim Taylor, an Illuman Weaver, described the Illuman Way of Council for the attendees. Council is a bedrock Illuman practice. This video offers information on Illuman's use of Council in the Journey of Illumination.

We are currently prototyping an Illuman Virtual Council Circle using Zoom every second and fourth Saturday of the month using Zoom.  Sign up below if you want more information about how to participate.

While we favor face to face contact as ideal, we also recognize the power of technology to connect us in ways that aren't otherwise possible.  Virtual council is a way of practicing council from your own home or work, with brothers located all over the globe.  It allows us to gather and connect in a way that transcends geography.  One can participate with a traditional phone like a conference call, or use their camera on their computer or phone to be able to see each other in real time.  Get connected, practice being centered, experience being shoulder to shoulder with brothers who are miles and miles away.

If you are interested in finding out more about this, and may want to participate in an Illuman Virtual Council Circle, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with more information.

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