Third Men's Rites of Passage at Rolling Ridge
Oct 8

Third Men's Rites of Passage at Rolling Ridge

  • Rolling Ridge

This is not just another men's retreat or another spirituality event.  Think of this time as jumping, or maybe being thrown, into a "life-changing stew" where you simmer for five days in the "transformational mix" of silence, wilderness, and powerful ritual that holds the possibility of breaking open your heart, allowing you to see new possibilities for yourself, and creating "living questions" that will percolate within you and guide you for years to come.

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Soularize 2017
Oct 29

Soularize 2017

  • Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort

Raising up Elders: Men Transforming Men

Illuman will be exploring the ways in which men are “eldered.” This can be understood in two ways.

First, men are supported to become their authentic selves by elders: men who have walked that path before them. To be eldered by another man is to be recognized, respected, and met at the soul level. How, where, and when does this happen?

Men also become elders in the Illuman way through gathering, connecting, centering, releasing, and serving. To become an elder is not just the process of growing older—it is a much deeper, more profound soul encounter. How does it happen? Who can help guide us through this process?

This Soularize will bring together men to explore these questions through Council, time on the land, sharing from Illuman leaders, reflection, and prayer. Fr. Richard Rohr will join us and present his vision of what it means to be an elder. You are invited to save the date and join us in this work. Registration information will be available and opening in June.  Welcome!

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