When Rumi went into the tavern
I followed.
I heard a lot of crazy talk
and a lot of wise talk.

But the roses wouldn’t grow in my hair.

When Rumi left the tavern
I followed.
I don’t mean just to pick at
such a famous fellow.
Indeed he was rather ridiculous with his
long beard and his dusty feet.
But I heard less of the crazy talk and
a lot more of the wise talk and I was
hopeful enough to keep listening

until the day I found myself
transformed into an entire garden
of roses. 

– Mary Oliver

QUESTION: What is happening unnoticed in your life?

December is upon us and with it the mad rush of “holiday” activities for the next month or so. Simultaneously, Advent is upon us with the often unremarkable spiritual preparations for the celebration of Christmas. Is it just an annual repetition of ritual activities? Or is something else also occurring within me, something I don’t see, take note of, or realize?  I wonder if, for me, I keep looking, even longing, to find a rose growing in my narrow (ego) life while I fail to notice the entire garden into which I am being transformed.  The most recent edition of Rohr’s Oneing journal pulls me into the mind-altering wonder of evolutionary expansiveness while the deaths of six family members or friends in the last six months closes me off to expansive imagining. Perhaps during the busyness, the advent of winter, and the numbness of December, I will notice the slow, persistent, and subtle emergence of a garden taking root all around and within me. At least, that is my prayer.